Razgovarali smo s Nesrin Sanad – egipatskom glumicom i modelom koju je srce dovelo u Istru!

Biti glumica i model zasigurno je san svake djevojčice. Svijet glamura ispred kamera, snimanje, modne revije, sve nam se to čini kao bajka koju smo gledali na filmovima. Jedna poznata glumica i model već neko vrijeme živi u susjednoj Istri, a danas vam donosimo intervju s njom!

Nesrin Sanad je iz Egipta, bavi se modelingom i glumom, a u Hrvatsku je došla radi – ljubavi! Imali smo priliku intervjuirati Nesrin, i moramo priznati da nas je oduševila svojom dobrotom, toplinom i iskrenošću koju osjetimo da dolazi iz njena srca.

Nesrin Sanad

Kako joj se sviđa u Hrvatskoj, točnije u Istri, zašto ju je oduševila jedna riječka beauty adresa, kako se osjeća kao uzor mladim djevojkama, puno tema smo pretresle i uživale!

‘’Sreća je unutarnji posao, što se više usredotočimo na to da svoju nutrinu učinimo ljepšim, to će se više odražavati na vanjštinu’’ kazala nam je i zaista nas potaknula na razmišljanje.

Kako bi ovaj intervju ostao autentičan, ostavljamo ga na engleskom jeziku. Uživajte u našem posebnom razgovoru i posebnoj gošći! 

Dear Nesrin, first of all, thank you for this interview. Model and actress living in Istria, how come Istria is your home at this moment?

It all started with a love story, when I first met my husband and knew that he is the soulmate I meant to be with. Ever since I chose love and followed my heart all the way to Istria.

This is my first interview with such famous and world known influencer, how do you feel influencing women around the world?

Being in the position where I am today, It gives me some sort of a responsibility towards the women of today, I would like that the conveyed message is to inspire them to be the best version of themselves

You know lots of girls are entering social media world, what values do you want them to feel from your profile?

Keep your grace and have fun! Marinating an image can be more challenging than obtaining it. The best scenario is to create the balance between both and still keep it interesting.

Prelijepa u svakom smislu te riječi

Do you have role models?

Yes, many! Starting with my Mom, Malala Yousafzai, Audrey Hepburn, J.K. Rowling, Queen Rania of Jordan, Late Princess Diana, Jubran Khalil Jubran, Tom Hanks, Sir Richard Branson, Mahatma Gandhi, Will Smith just to name a few 🙂 I find people with the following traits extremely appealing to me: honesty, strong values, being hard working, good ethics, kindness, humility, generosity, sense of humor, encouraging and not to forget being talented.

Can you describe one day in your life, a day as an influencer?

Every detail adds up through my day, I started as a model with a lot of self discipline, acting came later once I found maturity and confidence which puts me in a position of influence, I realized the responsibility that came with it, therefore every act counts as natural I could be. Nothing easy is joyful or everlasting, you find the pleasure in the hard work you put.

You are very feminine, kind, you have that retro glam vibe, how do you see yourself?

Kindness is an asset of humanity, I like to lead from.

As of my looks, I see myself classic with a hint of avant garde.

I must ask you what are your favorite places to enjoy in Istria and Kvarner?

I have some sentimental moments and memories linked to Rovinj, but it would be an understatement to only mention Istria and Kvarner and not to mention the rest of this beautiful country. Croatia is a land of natural wonders, let’s say God took his time creating it.

Also, what are you favorite shopping place in Istria and Kvarner?

I am unable to remember a particular name at the moment since I am still getting familiar with the pronunciation but I keep finding charming little boutiques along the way while traveling around Istria and Kvarner.

We know you love Amber Niche Store and we know you love parfumes. What are your favorite picks lately?

Amber Niche has totally took me by surprise, I was just passing by and the moment I saw the vitrine I knew i should go in, and what a lovely decision that was because I simply fell in love. They have some of my favorite collection plus more! PARFUMS DE MARLY, AMOUAGE, MARC ANTOINE BARROIS and FRAGRANCE DU BOIS are some of my favorites there.

How do you feel as guest of Hilton?

Always special, the staff are professional and super helpful with a friendly approach. I also can gaze forever at the view.

How was your spa moment?

Eforea spa is my escape from the daily rush, a little piece of heaven that adds peace to my life. Their menu is quite vast and their facilities are quite spacious allowing a moment of privacy for each guest. Let alone, their therapist and masseur/masseuse are extremely knowledgeable-

You love to travel, what are your three favorite places?

It is very difficult to limit them only to three since I enjoy traveling a lot. the world is full of beauty and wonders but if I must then:

  • Reykjavik, Iceland for the northern light, Lupin fields and hot springs
  • New York, USA for the art scenes, museums, contemporary theaters, night life and food
  • Havana, Cuba for it feels as if time stopped in the 50s

Most of our readers are women, do you have some message for them, how to find happiness in their life?

Happiness is an inside job, the more we focus on making our inner self beautiful, the more it will reflect on the outside. Be proud of who you are, be grateful, find passion in something you like and put all your effort to make it your trade and do listen to your inner voice if you feel something requires improvement whether sentimental, educational, knowledge related or even physical, don’t hesitate to work on it and make it better. Don’t forget to wear your invisible crown but always lead with kindness.

Model i glumica, Nesrin je egipatsku adresu zamijenila onom istarskom!

New Year is coming, what are your plans, do you know where you will be on New Years Eve?

Exciting plans come along 2022 as I’m working on few projects one of them is a personal business, I shall elaborate later once things are more established. In regards of New Years Eve, we planned to travel but currently our plans are put on hold due to Covid health measures. Our first priority is that everyone should be safe and protected. I am happy wherever we end up as long as my family are around and healthy

”Thank you for the lovely interview & wishing everyone a happy holiday during this beautiful festive time” zaključila je ljubazna Nesrin.

Dozu modne inspiracije i stila poznate influencere potražite na njezinom Instagram profilu – @nesrinsanad. 

Fotografije: Josip Čekada

Lokacija: Hilton Costabella Resort Rijeka



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